Terms of Service


This User Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between the person who registers as a user on this site. The Agreement shall enter into force upon the user's electronic acceptance and shall remain in effect until terminated in accordance with the procedures set forth herein.

General Usage

Unless otherwise specified, services provided through the site are chargeable. In cases of legal obligations or the following instances, the user's access to the site may be blocked; the person or persons engaging in the following acts or attempting to do so shall be subject to legal rights:

Recording of incorrect, irregular, incomplete, and misleading information, expressions that do not comply with general moral rules, and content that contradicts the laws of the Republic of Turkey;

Partial or complete replication of site content;

Sharing of user names, passwords, and other information; users are directly responsible for any damages arising from the sharing of usage rights with third parties (including the use of the system by anyone other than the user), and may not use identity information, email addresses, IP addresses belonging to others, or access or use such information belonging to other users. Otherwise, the user shall be deemed to have accepted all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise.


Users and visitors may not engage in any actions that would hinder or complicate the use of the site, or attempt to do so through automated programs, or engage in fraudulent attempts. Otherwise, they accept termination of their membership and acknowledge all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise. It is recommended that messages exchanged through the site be backed up by individuals to prevent any kind of victimization. The site shall not be held responsible for the loss, deletion, or damage of message contents. The deletion or cancellation of membership by the user may be carried out by creating a support request. By requesting this process, the user acknowledges that there is no turning back and loses access to the site. However, the Site may decide not to delete any records related to the user requesting deletion. Users whose accounts have been deleted cannot make any claims for rights or compensation. The Site reserves the right to contact users for communication, marketing, notification, and other purposes through all communication channels provided during user registration, unless otherwise notified in writing. By accepting the agreement, the user acknowledges and declares that, unless otherwise notified in writing, the Site may engage in the above-mentioned communication activities directed at the user. Additionally, the Site may establish different rules and obligations for specific services. Users who use these services are deemed to have accepted them in advance. The Site reserves all rights arising from relevant legislation. Contrary behaviors entail legal and criminal liability.

Service Continuity

The Site may make changes to the Agreement unilaterally without the need for notification in order to ensure the continuity of the services provided; it has the right to suspend, change, or cancel the service at any time and without stating a reason. These changes will take effect from the date of publication, will be updated on this page along with the date, and will be notified to users via email or SMS if deemed necessary. From the moment any of the termination reasons occur, the Site's liability towards the user ceases without any notice.


Information about users visiting the Site may be tracked in order to provide better service. The actions performed by users on the Site and the content of the service are kept confidential and not shared with third parties. Orders placed by users are shared with service providers. However, records may be presented to official government officials if requested by official government agencies. Credit card information required on the payment page is not kept by the Site or on the servers of service providers in order to ensure the highest level of security for users who load balance to the site. Therefore, payment transactions take place between your computer or phone and the Site interface through systems such as banks and online payment. Users can access the information they enter into the system and make changes themselves. Under no circumstances is permission granted for another user to access and make changes to this information.

Refund Policy 

Before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, users cannot exercise their right of withdrawal in service contracts where the provision of the service has begun with the consumer's consent. Orders cannot be canceled or refunded once entered into the system. The site does not guarantee or declare that services such as likes, followers, views, etc., will be permanent, clearly stating that a decrease may occur. Compensation services for decreases are offered for 30, 60, 90, and 365 days. No responsibility is accepted outside of these services. After experiencing decreases, you have no right to appeal or file complaints. There is no refund by the Site unless the service provider agrees in cases such as account privacy, username changes, etc., during order placement.

Terms of Use Article 

  1.  If you place another order with the same link while your order is in progress, the system will give an error and your balance will be depleted.
  2. If you place an order while your profile is in a hidden position, the system will mark the order as completed and will not refund the transaction fee!
  3. If a part of your order is completed or canceled (except Article 2), your money will be refunded. Please try placing your order again or ordering from a different service.
  4.  Do not place another order to the same address before an order is completed.
  5. There is no guarantee for bot follower processes, and maintenance may occur without a specific timeframe, even followers received may be deleted the next day.
  6. Our panel does not provide a time guarantee; it is not known when social media platforms will update, and the times stated in service descriptions are the closest estimated times.
  7. It is prohibited to attract members to +18, adult, betting coupon sales accounts, or illegal gambling accounts.
  8. The balance entered into the system is not refunded; however, if there is a problem with a service agreed upon with us and the service is removed, a refund is made.
  9. After placing your order, do not change or hide account, post, etc., IDs, and do not perform withdrawals from other places until the order is completed without sending. If the transaction results in an error or is completed without sending, do not perform transactions from other places until you receive a response from us!
  10.  Everyone who registers with our system and places an order accepts these rules and cannot complain or claim rights in case of any inconvenience.